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In Brazil, the local ICV Desk is located the Converdgencia, a non-profit organization with public utility status, working in the field of education for sustainability leading initiatives in the field of the environment. Converdgencia promotes the empowerment of people through building knowledge, proposing solutions and actions which enhance social, economic and environmental awareness.

Active all over Brazil, Converdgencia implements educational and awareness raising initiatives; facilitates environmental and social responsibility projects; and promotes sustainability through an internally balanced ecological approach. It builds partnerships with both the private and public sectors, as well as civil society entities, international organizations and other interested parties.



The Green Map (Carta Verde) represents a commitment taken by each citizen and ratified by institutions active in the field of the environment. To date, it has been signed by more than 500 citizens and 40 institutions joining the movement. At three occasions, urban interventions took place with the aim to highlight the environmental culture and the respect of the natural heritage and indicated ways and means for a more responsible society in favor of a sustainable environment, committing to action favorably influencing the global happenings.


Converdgencia organizes, once a month, the Green Exchange Day (Dia de Trocas Verdes), a day where ecologically respectful practices are developed, and exchanges are made. The Green Exchange Day is an opportunity creating a space for sharing and cooperation, where each participant becomes responsible through one or several products, services or pieces of knowledge, which he or she offers, and receives in exchange another product, service or piece of knowledge.


Environmental educational gatherings are becoming a space of exchange and information distribution for environmental and professional education linked to the Environment. Through personal experience, invitations, coming from different professional sectors, brining for the experience of public knowledge and experience and efficient, outlined and implemented in all Brazil respecting legal and educational means.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Work in favor of an environmental culture and the respect of the natural heritage that contributes to the preservation and strengthening of values related to conservation and the strengthening of the socio-environmental sustainability in the Brazilian communities through continued education and innovative and integrated solutions.

Vision: A competent and respectable institution working in the socio-environmental area, motivating its associates, partners and beneficiaries in the adoption of an pro-active attitude in the creation of a sustainable future.


  • Institutional Coordination: Renata Moraes
  • Project Coordination: Isabella Vargas
  • Cultural Coordination: Lídia Olinto
  • Institutional Relations: Guilherme Sucena

Role of ICVolunteers

While the ICV Desk at Convergencia focuses in particular on activities related to environmental education in Brazil, it also serves as a focal point for the CyberVolunteers Program. The Brazilian ICV desk collaborates with volunteers with technical skills for a range of projects, as well as activities related to languages and conference support.


Praça Mahatma Gandhi, n° 02, sala 1113, Edifício Odeon, Centro, do estado do Rio de Janeiro, CEP 20031- 908. Telefone: +55 21 2544 1837 fax: +55 21 2524 4140, http://brazil.icvolunteers.org.

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