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ICVolontaires-France is a French-based non-governmental organization. Its aim is the recruitment, training and coordination of volunteers for non-profit projects (conference support, cybervolunteerism and language services).

ICVolontaires-France is one of ICVolunteers' European antennas, a worldwide network of volunteers specialized in the field of communications and working with volunteers from some 100 countries.

Founded in 2005, ICVolontaires-France has the aim and mission to manage ICVolunteers European projects.

Based in Ferney-Voltaire, ICVolontaires-France works in close collaboration with ICV-Switzerland and the Federation of ICVolunteers, thus benefiting from its experience and international network.

Our Activities

As a French Association, ICVolontaires-France cultivates a European vision. Our activities are in agreement with the philosophy and ethics of ICVolunteers, but aim to focus on priorities of its working environment, such as, for example, training programs through volunteerism, responding to very specific and tangible needs. In addition to the organization of international conferences, ICVolunteers-France facilitates for example the participation of volunteers through different exchange programs, in particular in the context of the European Youth Program. ICVolontaires-France also participates in ICV's "language and migration" project. Learn more about our projects...

Our Programs

ICVolontaires-France proposes a large range of opportunities, for both for volunteers and for partner organizations (public and private entities, non-governmental organizations and international institutions).

Exchange Program

ICVolontaires-France facilitates exchanges of volunteers at the European and international levels.

  • Long term: in one of our offices aboard (Spain, Switzerland, Mali...): project coordination, translation of documents, online research, fundraising, interpretation...
  • Short term: in collaboration with our partner organizations, participation in specific projects in France, Europe or internationally...
  • This is an opportunity to get involved as a volunteer in another country than the country of residency for a period of 6 to 12 months. These activities are possible within a broad range of fields (social, humanitarian, environmental).


Our Conference Program offers logistical support to organizers of social, humanitarian, environmental and scientific events, in particular in the fields of logistics, reporting and language services (translation and interpretation).

Languages and Migration

ICVolontaires-France develops services providing assistance to non-French speaking migrants, helping them with integration. In the context of this activity, ICVolontaires-France participates in an international project lead by the Federation of ICVolunteers.


The CyberVolunteers Program recruits, trains and coordinates volunteers with information and communication technology skills for development. Volunteers participate in local, regional and international projects for a period of several weeks or months, offering their skills in areas such as web or software development, system administration and content generation.


Among our partners are: Mairie de Ferney-Voltaire, Chambre de Commerce de d'Industrie de l'Ain, Handicap International, la Région Rhône-Alpes, Centre Européen du Volontariat (CEV), Ministères Français, différentes agences des Nations Unies, l'Association Parents Elèves du Lycée International de Ferney.


The Board of ICVolontaires-France is composed of: Viola Krebs (President), Silvano de Gennaro (Vice-President), Truong Nguyen (Treasurer), Sylvie Nicole (Secretary), Rabah Tounsi, Edward Sackstein, StĂ©phanie Veillet.

Day-to-day operations are managed by the office team, coordinated by Sophie Richardson and Jay Wilson.


ICVolontaires-France, Bâtiment Jean SĂ©bastien Say, 13 chemin du Levant, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire, France. 

For more information, please contact france@icvolunteers.org or dial +33 (0) 450 42 07 73.

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