About ICVolunteers

Network & Beneficaries

ICVolunteers creates opportunities covering a wide variety of interests that benefit both volunteers and public or private entities, nongovernmental organizations and international institutions.

What brings ICVolunteers?

arrowVolunteers, interns and job seekers:
To gain practical experience, to improve their employability, to share their expertise and skills, to be socially integrated by participating in public interest projects whether in a context of proximity or in international cooperation.

arrowBeneficiaries of services (structures, organizations, populations and projects):
To receive practical and methodological advice, to benefit from a service of quality, to benefit from accompanying, advice and sharing of experience.

Our Network

Special thanks go to all our volunteers how contribute some 40,000 hours of work per year to our projects. Roughly 800 volunteer positions are managed by our network per year, which coordinates a network of 14,000 individuals, partners and volunteers. Our volunteers are from some 182 countries and speak over 173 languages.

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