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Journées médico-sociales romandes

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Dates and Place

06 - 07 April 2000, Geneva, Switzerland
Centre de Meyrin


Association des Journées médico-sociales romandes, president of which is the professor Hans Stalder, Cantonal University Hospital Geneva.



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Association des Journées medico-sociales romandes, whose President is Professor Hans Stalder of the Geneva Hospital.

The word dependence has a double connotation: subjection or suffering. But it can also mean care and support without which community life would not exist. On the other hand, while the search for independence can lead to freedom, it can also easily end up in anarchy. What is the answer? The objective of this conference is to avoid the simplistic approach that consists in opposing dependence and independence and to find instead the narrow path of autonomy. Program

The program consists in presentations and workshops. Speakers and attendees come from the medical, social and political fields. Numerous aspects of the problems related to all forms of dependence will be discussed with the objective to define workable solutions.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Setting up posters
  • Check-in of delegates
  • Handing out documents
  • Informing and ushering delegates

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