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10th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm

Resumen del proyecto

Fecha y lugar

21 - 25 Marcha 1999, Ginebra, Suiza
Centro Internacional de Conferencias de Ginebra (CICG)


International Association for the Reduction of Drug Related Harm (IHRA), Programme des Nations Unies du VIH/SIDA (ONSIDA), Etat et ville de Genève.



Detalles del proyecto

The annual International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm is the key forum for the dissemination of harm reduction ideas and practice.

The 10th edition of the conference was held in Geneva and attended by over 700 people? bringing together harm reduction workers, researchers, policy makers, government members and officials, judiciary, law enforcement, criminal justice workers, UN staff, members of national and international NGOs, and members of drug user organisations.

It had a packed and lively programme of presentations, discussions and events. There was something at the conference for everyone working in harm reduction, and for those who want to come along for the first time to find out more.

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