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Public Hearings on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

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Dates and Place

12 - 13 October 2000, Geneva, Switzerland
International Conference Center Geneva (ICCG)


World Health Organization (WHO).

Project details

For the first time, the WHO is negotiating a convention that will legally bind Member States. To prepare for negotiations on the proposed framework convention on tobacco control, all parties with an interest in the convention, in particular private sector and nongovernmental organizations and institutions, were invited to transmit written submissions and to deliver oral testimonies at two days of public hearings (Geneva, 12 to 13 October 2000). This was the first time that a United Nations organization publicly sought and secured views from all parties interested in a proposed convention.

WHO received 514 submissions meeting the established requirements. During the hearings, testimonies were given by representatives of 144 organizations, converging all regions of the world, including 13 representatives of the tobacco industry, 10 groups representing physicians, dentists and nurses, 10 organizations focusing on cancer and health and disease of the heart or lungs, four women or gender issue groups, and four health and development nongovernmental organizations.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Six volunteers helped with the following tasks:

  • Check-in of delegates
  • Handing out documents
  • Informing and ushering delegates

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