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Training Course of Proteomics: the study of proteins

Image source: Wikipedia, Myoglobin 3D structure.
Image source: Wikipedia, Myoglobin 3D structure.

Project at a glance

Dates and Place

04 December 2006, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland


Swiss Proteomics Society

Project details

Proteomics is the analysis of all proteins in a cell, tissue, or organism, with the aim to get a better grasp on the functions of cellular proteins. Proteomics scientists are focusing their efforts in three major areas: identifying proteins, predicting their structures, and understanding how proteins interact.

The mission of the Swiss Society of Proteomics is to promote research and education in the science of Proteomics in Switzerland as well as in other countries.

This year, it organizes an intensives experimental training in specific Proteomics. Participants will have the choice to attend to short applied courses among the numerous offers from specialized hosting laboratories spread throughout Switzerland, from September through November 2006. The goal will be to offer intensive experimental training in specific Proteomics domains over a few days.

All participants and organizers will then meet in a joint debriefing workshop to be held in Yverdon-les-Bains on December 4, 2006. During the workshop, plenary invited lectures of worldwide renowned experts will be mixed with summaries of the training courses (presented by the participants and trainee organizers).

Participants can be students with limited experience, but also senior scientists willing to learn something new. The registrations are open to both academic and industrial participants.

Role of ICVolunteers

ICVolunteers is recruiting reporters to take notes and document the training event in Yverdon-les-Bains.

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