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World Federalist Movement Congress

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27 - 31 August 2007, Geneva, Switzerland
World Meteorological Organization

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The World Federalist Movement is an international citizen's movement working for justice, peace, and sustainable prosperity. It calls for an end to the rule of force, through a world governed by law, based on strengthened and democratized world institutions. World federalists support the creation of democratic global structures accountable to the citizens of the world and call for the division of international authority among separate agencies.

From 27 to 31st August 2007, the World Federalist Movement is getting together for the 60th anniversary XXV WFM World Congress--a global gathering of World Federalists and their friends and allies. This convocation brings together delegations from 35 member and associated organizations of WFM, as well as distinguished guests, leaders within our Movement, United Nations officials, government leaders and partners from prominent non-governmental organizations.

The XXV Congress Meetings will include:

  • A Public Seminar with Government, UN, NGO and Civil Society leaders on: WFM and the UN in their Sixth Decade: "To Save Future Generations from the Scourge of War" International Democracy and the Rule of Law in Regional and Global Governance Reviewing the Past, Probing the Future
  • 60th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony in Montreux
    Commissions focusing on: International Justice, the Rule of Law and Human Rights; Peace, Human Security and Conflict Prevention; UN
  • Reform and Global Governance - Federalism at the Global and Regional Level; Global Environmental and Economic Governance
  • WFM Governance Sessions ...and more

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Volunteering Opportunities

Assistance with the preparations (printing, packet stuffing, general conference set-up) on Thursday and Friday 22-23 August prior to the Congress, as well as each day Monday-Friday (27-31 August) during the actual Congress to assist us with: registrations, meeting documentations, last minute copies, etc. Volunteers need to be fluent in English. Other languages are a plus, e.g. Japanese, Italian, Spanish and French.

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