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World Cancer Congress

Project at a glance

Dates and Place

27 - 31 August 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
Palexpo & Crowne Plaza

Project details

Every two years, the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) World Cancer Congress brings together the world's leaders in the fight to control cancer. It provides a meeting point for current and upcoming leaders in cancer control from over 120 countries. 

Leading clinicians, practitioners, government agencies and NGOs, patient-care providers and advocates, researchers and behavioural scientists and public health experts focus on transforming the latest knowledge into strategies that countries, communities, institutions and individuals can employ to reduce the cancer burden.

The objectives of the congress include:

  • Translating scientific and behavioural research into relevant prevention, early detection, treatment, psychosocial support, palliative care, etc.
  • Understanding the economic implications of cancer control interventions in both developed and developing settings and determining which interventions produce the best results
  • Promoting the development of national cancer plans as building blocks of a comprehensive anti-cancer strategy worldwide
  • Stimulating capacity-building among UICC member organizations and cancer NGOs
  • Strategic planning and sharing and exchanging best practices
  • Implementing effective tobacco control and public health programmes
  • Engaging donor organizations in cancer control effort
  • Developing north south partnerships

A five-track programme will offer in depth learning and an exchange of ideas o all aspects of the global fight against cancer. 

Building on the success of the World Conference for Cancer Organizations in Dublin in 2004 and World Cancer Congress in Washington DC in 2006, the 2008 event will focus on global, regional and local activities in cancer prevention and control, making it a uniquely comprehensive event.

Volunteering Opportunities

For this event, we are seeking for 60 volunteers to complete the following tasks:
  • Be involved as session reporters
  • Deal with bag packing for the Pre-Registration Desk
  • Assist at Secretarial Desk
  • Be involved in the Press Registration
  • Ensure presence at Onsite Registration Desk
  • Deal with Pre-Registration
  • Assist delegates at the Help Desk at the Crowne Plaza, Palexpo, Movenpick and Airport
  • Provide support during the General Assembly, Gala Dinner, Awards Ceremony and at the Conference office
  • Welcome speakers in the Speaker Service Center, at Palexpo
  • Get involved as runner onsite to liaise between the Palexpo Registration Hall and the conference rooms
  • Supervise Lecture Rooms
  • Provide information at the Travel Grant Desk
  • Ensure Badge Checking
  • Help at the Speaker, Chair and VIP Registration Desk
  • Assist at the Exhibitor Desk

Interested in any one or more of these opportunities? If so, please sign up! Training will be provided a day or prior starting specific task.

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