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WebForce Forum 2002

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Dates and Place

06 - 08 May 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
United Nations


WebForce International.

Project details

Today, 80% of the Internet users are located in developed countries. The 2002 Conference organized by WebForce International aimed at addressing all aspects of the so-called "digital divide".

Main topics of the conference agenda:

  • Building a humanitarian digital infrastructure. Dynamic communications base.
  • Reaching universal and equitable access to the information society.
  • Recycling and re-using computers Collection & distribution systems.
  • Developing services and computer applications (open source) to reduce poverty. Worldwide re-distribution of computers
  • User needs to access to a global world.
  • Defining a framework to help southern countries.
  • ICT, education and telemedicine. Theory based on low-cost systems.
  • Each of these broad themes will be considered in regard to development and economic, politic, social, cultural and technological aspects.

Volunteering Opportunities

Ten ICVolunteers' assisted the delegates during the three-day event.

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