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29 January 2005, Geneva, Switzerland
Unversity of Geneva


Association GEDUC

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Decade of the United Nations on Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014): which commitments at the national level? 

A Forum, devoted to this question and organized under the patronage of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO will take place on January 29, 2005 in Geneva. This Forum will look at the role of the universities, the media, the private sector, teachers as well as persons in charge for youth activities, such as that of the political institutions in the transmission of knowledge and values in agreement with a sustainable development approach. 

The National Forum brings together professionals from the fields of education, public administration, media, economy, as well as youth organizations, charity associations and institutions working in environmental protection. It aims to enhance the responsibility and the will of each participant to be implied in a process necessary to guarantee, in the future, a social cohesion, peace between the people and a respectful management of the environment for the generations to come.

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