Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities

Collège Voltaire à Genève
Collège Voltaire à Genève

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Dates and Place

15 - 17 May 2006, Geneva, Switzerland



Project details

The OECD Programme on Educational Building (PEB) promotes the exchange and analysis of policy, research and experience in all matters related to educational building. The planning and design of educational facilities? schools, colleges and universities? has an impact on educational outcomes which is significant but hard to quantify. Building and running those facilities accounts for a substantial part of public educational expenditure in OECD countries.

The aims of the seminar organized by OECD in collaboration with the Department of Education of Geneva was to identify current challenges and opportunities in the field of education facilities, to examine important trends that will influence the planning, design and management of higher education facilities, to compare experiences and share best practices, and to learn about new approaches.

Role of ICVolunteers

For the event, ICVolunteers provided interpreters who worked from and to English and French.

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