Handicap International: Diabetes Competence

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Dates and Place

16 - 18 April 2008, Lyon, France
Heaquarters of Handicap International


Getting a child, a woman or a man back on his or her feet, in a difficult environment made even crueller by poverty, migration or famine, is simply giving this person the means to survive on his or her own. Since 1982, Handicap International (HI) is serving the most vulnerable populations. It acts and lead advocacy campaigns in nearly 60 countries for vulnerable populations to regain their dignity and their place in their communities.

Project details

Managing the programmes that Handicap International is developing on diabetes in 8 countries necessitates the organisation of regular workshops, bringing together both internal (local and/or expatriate personnel) and external participants (partner networks, consultants...).

The next seminar of this kind will take place in Lyon in April 2008 focusing on disabiliting diseases, particularly diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic illness triggered by a shortage or a deficiency of insulin, a hormone normally produced by the pancreas. This deficiency provokes an increase of blood sugar (hyperglycemia), phenomenon which has a number of harmful consequences for the body. Diabetes is, among other things, the cause of kidney and nerve problems and can cause cardiovascular diseases and even blindness.

The seminar on diabetes will take place at the headquarters of Handicap International. Its aim is to discuss and exchange information about the measures and projects undertaken linked to diabetes and relative to 8 countries (Kenya, Burundi, Mali, Philippines, Thailand, India, Nicaragua, Madagascar).

The main aim of this seminar is to allow the exchange of practices between these countries. This is a Handicap International interne seminar which is not open to subscription.

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Volunteering Opportunities

ICVolontaires-France, the French antenna of the ICVolunteers' Network, collaborates on a regular basis with Handicap International, in particular for the mobilization and training of volunteer interpreters assisting HI with its internal meetings. This time, the languages are English, French and Spanish (simultaneous interpretation).

For more information about the event, please contact Ms. Sophie Richardson, phone: +33 450 42 0773, email: france@icvolontaires.org.


Schedule: 8h30/9h - 18h/18h30, expenses covered.

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