Swiss Philanthropy Forum

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Dates and Place

05 March 2009, Zurich, Switzerland
Hotel Widder


Stiftungszentrum, Berne.


Foundation representatives; donors and particulars interested in philanthropy; influential personalities from the philanthropy sector, committed to socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Project details

The philanthropic world currently finds itself in the midst of huge growth and structural shift. Indeed, the sector is becoming increasingly aware of the growing interdependence between the political, social, economic and environmental contexts.
The financial markets' volatile nature constrains the flexibility and efficiency of both profit-making and non-profit organisations. How can socially responsible businesses and philanthropic organisations tackle this new dynamic and growing complexity? How do actors in this domain respond to demands for transparency, ethicality and reliability? To what extent are traditional non-profit foundations, donors and socially responsible businesses open to social innovations?

 During the Forum held in Zurich, "Philanthropy and innovation: between paradigm shift, efficiency and trust", numerous people renowned in the field of philanthropy will focus on these questions. Among others, there will be representatives from "La Fondation Ethos" in Geneva, "Terre des Hommes" in Lausanne, "la Fondation Novartis pour un Developpement Durable" and "Globethics".

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Role of ICVolunteers

ICVolunteers is looking for four locally-based volunteers to help the organisers in the logistics and registering; a photographer; and a German-speaking reporter with editorial experience and an interest in philanthropy issues.

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