Cybervolunteering and Innovative Educational ICT Initiative

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Dates and Place

04 September 2009, Monterrey, Mexico


Global Alliance for ICT and Development, ICVolunteers

Project details

Aim of the workshop:

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate exchange around concrete ICT initiatives presented by young people from around the world. This participation is made possible through an online conference, connecting Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland and Mali. The presentations aim to stimulate a discussion and exchange around identifying ingredients needed for best practices and project creation around ICT4D.

Expected outcomes & achievements:

Statement; guidelines for the involvement of young people in South-South and international initiatives to address the most pressing social and humanitarian needs especially in the developing world; reporting and feedback from the field in view of reporting mechanisms by young people for ICT4D.


Ramon Bartomeus,

Workshop contributions:

Speakers' Bios

Youth, husbandry, agriculture and ICTs in the Sahel Region:

Presentation 1

Speakers: Viola Krebs, Executive Director of ICVolunteers and Bayni Soumaila Traoré, ICVolontaires-Mali / CONJEDEV

ICVolunteers is currently implementing a project involving young cyber-volunteers in awareness raising and education around agriculture and husbandry practices in the Sahel Region. The project involves a number of partners internationally and in particular in Senegal and Mali (

Youth, ICTs and Environmental Education in Brazil:

Presentation 2

Speakers:  Renata Moraes, Director of Convergencia and National Representative of ICVolunteers-Brasil

In today’s inter-connected world, the environment and climate change have become issues of international concern. Brazil is often considered to be the lungs of the planet, with its territory containing the largest part of Amazon forest. Environmental education for young people is essential in this kind of a context and technologies can significantly facilitate this kind of work. This presentation will bring examples from Brazil. (,

Improving the World using Information Technologies to Help Organizations: 

Presentation 3

Speakers: Ramon Bartomeus, Resource Manager of

IWith has been working with technologies for the past 10 years. Based in Barcelona and Nyon (Switzerland), it is helping organizations in many different countries set up web technology platforms. It runs ICT trainings. This presentation will bring examples of IWith’s work with young people. (

Youth and Wikiteaching: 

Presentation 4

Speakers: Oumar Diamouténé, President, Youth and ICTs_Mali

Back in July 2004, “Jeunesse et TIC-Mali” (Youth and ICTs-Mali) was founded in Bamako. It has since become a catalyst for youth initiatives in West Africa (


ICVolunteers (, is an international non-profit organization specialized in the field of communications, in particular languages, conference support and cybervolunteerism ( Development, exchange of information and service to the society at large are the key elements shared by the communities or organizations involved and by the individuals volunteering though the ICV Network.

Short Term Projects

ICVolunteers promotes volunteerism and its recognition, by enhancing civic commitment and involvement, and by providing leadership and links between organizations, individuals and communities. With this perspective, ICVolunteers develops projects and leads initiatives.

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