Global Youth Conference

Resumen del proyecto

Fecha y lugar

17 - 22 Marcha 2011, Geneva, Suiza

Detalles del proyecto

The Global Youth Conference will be organized by the Earth Focus Foundation. It will provide opportunities for young people to consider issues related to forestry, management of water and natural resources. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the impact of the environment on our health.

During this conference, participants will have the freedom to propose solutions to promote sustainable management of water and forests and reforestation, taking into account the needs and habits of the local populations.

Earth Focus Foundation is a Swiss foundation, continuing the work with young people that was started by the Bellerive Foundation.

The objective of the Foundation is to enable young people to take an active role in creating a better world. To do this, Earth Focus provides a platform for discussion to encourage young people to express their views on the environment and propose solutions to environmental problems. Earth Focus also wants to be the voice of young people so that their voices are heard by not only other young people but also by the general-public.

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