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25 March 2012, Israel

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In 2012, the annual tradition of Good Deeds Day is celebrated on March 25th. Arison, a business and philanthropy group is working with MTV to promote the upcoming Good Deeds Day to a wider young adult audience, and we are excited to welcome you in partnering with us in this exciting opportunity for spreading the spirit of Doing Good and promoting good will worldwide.

ICVolunteers (International Communications Volunteers), has been recognized by the Arison Group as an organization dedicated to supporting its community and advancing social values, and has been invited to participate and lead Good Deeds Day projects.

An international non-profit NGO, ICV benefits from the goodwill of volunteers to cooperate with other organizations in the humanitarian, social, environmental and medical fields to implement projects and conferences at local, national and international levels. Specializing in communication technologies, languages and conference support, we are able to reach a wide spectrum of the population and help them develop.

We strongly encourage, and rest upon, the inherently good values of individuals. Despite our reach and determination, we are nothing without the human power of our volunteers, thus we promote active citizenship and participation in causes that share our vision; the vision of a better world resulting from the sharing of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Ergo, realizing our role as facilitators for action, we aim to serve as a knowledge and information platform to create opportunities for development and commitment on personal and professional levels through volunteerism. In addition, we are determined to support – through direct action and networking – our partners in implementing social, educational, humanitarian, and environmental programs.

Among our programs, two local projects seek to involve and integrate often alienated members of society into active citizens.

The first, GreenVoice, educates and engages children and youth in the fight against environmental decay. Through workshops and photography exhibitions, GreenVoice intends to raise awareness about ecological issues and promote environmental protection. For this Good Deeds Day 2012, GreenVoice encourages all, young and adults, to participate in our photography and video campaigns, by sending us their photos and videos which depict and describe the environmental issues that are closest to them.

The second program in Geneva is MigraLingua, a gratuitous linguistic service for alophone migrants. This program trains bilingual volunteers to become community interpreters. Once trained, the interpreters become part of a team ready to assist migrants who need to speak to institutions with whom they aren’t able to communicate. MigraLingua’s services are open to anyone who needs them. Simultaneously, any person who wants to be part of the interpreting team, is welcome to visit our website and sign up.

Our network of over 13,000 volunteers contributes over 40,000 hours per year in our wide variety of projects. They derive from 180 different countries and speak a myriad of languages. We believe that each of them shares our dream, and that we can help them contribute to an improved world in whichever way fits their abilities and needs.

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ICVolunteers promotes volunteerism and its recognition, by enhancing civic commitment and involvement, and by providing leadership and links between organizations, individuals and communities. With this perspective, ICVolunteers develops projects and leads initiatives.

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