Employee Volunteering: IT and Social Media

Project at a glance

Dates and Place

19 April 2013, Dublin, Ireland, Republic of

Project details

Information Technologies (IT) and Social Media: Are useful for my employee volunteering program? Which IT solutions could support our program? Social Media: advantage or disadvantage. How can we take the most of Social Media?

Main Learning Goals

  • Describe the reasons why an NGO and a company should use IT and Social Media in their employees volunteers programs
  • Which IT solutions could support our program?
  • Risk of Social Media
  • How can we take the most of Social Media: Key aspects
    Best practices

Participants Profile

Beginners and Intermediates

Workshop details

Friday 19th April, 14:15-15:30

Speaker's Organization

  • ICVolunteers
  • IBM


  • Lana Melle for Viola Krebs
  • Deidre Kennedy


Paloma Castlillo. Fundacion Hazloposible

Overall Context

The training conference will result in the creation of the Employee Volunteering European Network (EVEN). This network will only be open to EVEN Founding Members, volunteer-involving organizations and companies that have taken part in the EVEN training. Membership of EVEN and the knowledge and skills gained during the event will increase the capacity of volunteer-involving organizations to access funding and support from the wider variety of sources than they might currently have. It also enables employers to ensure maximum impact and develop quality EV schemes in partnership with knowledgeable and experienced actors from the voluntary sector.


Short Term Projects

ICVolunteers promotes volunteerism and its recognition, by enhancing civic commitment and involvement, and by providing leadership and links between organizations, individuals and communities. With this perspective, ICVolunteers develops projects and leads initiatives.

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