Geneva NGO Forum - Beijing+20

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03 - 05 November 2014, Geneva, Switzerland
United Nations, Palais des Nations


Committee on the Status of Women in Geneva (NGO CSW Geneva)

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The 4th World Conference on Women (4WCW), convened in Beijing in 1995, was an historical occasion where UN Member States adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA).

Subsequently, appraisal of progress and provision of recommendations on the way of advancing women’s rights and empowerment in the 21st century have been conducted every 5 years. In 2013, Member States adopted a resolution calling for a 20-year review of the BPfA to take place in 2015 during the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women, under the leadership of UN Women. As part of the process, the five UN Regional Commissions are to conduct regional reviews in 2014 to feed into the global review.

The non-governmental organizations (NGO) assembled under the Committee on the Status of Women in Geneva (NGO CSW Geneva) in collaboration with the UN ECE (The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) contribute to this process by organizing on 3-5 November 2014 an NGO FORUM Beijing+20.

Among the participants of NGO FORUM there are national and international women’s rights advocates, women’s groups and networks, UN agencies, academic institutions, media and private sector actors from the 56 countries of the ECE region. The objective is to provide critical input to the UN ECE regional review meeting on November 2014, identify emerging women’s issues and supply input for the current discussions on the Post-2015 Agenda.

ICVolunteers collaborates with the NGO CSW Geneva coordinating the volunteers helping with different tasks, including welcoming services, registration, room supervision, etc. in cooperation with CGV (Centre Genevois du Volontariat).

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