Roberto Paradis
I am interested in volunteering because I believe it is a great way to earn experience, while meeting people that are involved in the world of international relations. I feel that by volunteering I will be able to meet and interact with people that may provide additional knowledge in terms of humanitarian/international affairs.
— Roberto, Switzerland
Abiaziem Duke Okere
I wish to contribute towards the attainment of global peace as well as reach out to the less privileged and also help others to develop their skills and potentials.
— Abiaziem Duke, Nigeria
Liliia Kniazieva
I live in the Crimea near the Black Sea, that's why I am fond of swimming and diving. I like to make friends with differnt people, study their traditions and customs. Also I'm interested in music, cinema, literature and theatre.My occupation is translator.
— Liliia, Ukraine
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